Monday, 19 March 2007


Swans, originally uploaded by Red Snapper9.

I spent so long thinking about this shot and trying to decide if it was any good, how I might change it, whether it was better in colour, was the light too bright, would it have been better if both swans had been completely symmetrical. In the end I decided it wasn't very good and got really down about how useless I was at photography. The professionals say never to compromise on your photos; aim for perfection, but I never seem to get anywhere near this. There's always something not right about my photos and always so many on Flickr that are so much better. I wasn't going to post it and don't know why I changed my mind but having uploaded it I've had lots of really nice comments. It's great to get this positive feedback but it also makes me feel even worse inasmuch as I clearly can't even tell what's a good photo any more. I'm getting close to giving up. What's the point of having an expensive camera if you can't take quality photos.


Joker The Lurcher said...

i've been looking at your pics and i think they are great! i'm not such a perfectionist - what i lack in quality i make up for in quantity!

Red Snapper9 said...

Glad you like this shot Joker. Spike is very good about not charging at swans (unlike some dogs I have had!) but the swans are not so gentle and we had to be very careful they didn't attack him. I wonder what your reaction would have been if you had been that close to them?