Sunday, 24 March 2013

Back from my trip to San Francisco where I had a great time at the St Patrick's Day Parade. The atmosphere was brilliant... all the music, marching bands, everyone having a fun time. San Francisco really knows how to do a parade. There were thousands of people taking part and tens of thousands lining the route. I've never seen so many floats and participants in a parade - it took over 2 hours for them all to get to the Civic Center Plaza. I went into the city to do one of the stairway walks but it was such a lovely warm sunny day and the road was closed to traffic so I decided to stay and see what the parade was like. Once it started I was hooked and never made it to Corona Heights for the walk - I did it on Sunday instead. It was tiring being at all the business meetings while I was at HQ but worth it for the opportunity to spend time in the city and be part of this special parade. Lots of photos to come!

Decided to abandon the daily "random act of kindness' - I'll stick with trying to do as many acts of kindness as I can without having the pressure of trying to do it every day. It's really hard when you lead a solitary life as I do. I work at home all day and only go out to the pool and to take the dogs for a walk in the morning so acts of kindness end up with me spending money.... I'll run out of money by the end of the year!

Finalised my "business cards" for red snapper bags. I'll give some to Becky at Ruby Reds so she can hand them out to her clients. I don't expect to get any sales but you never know. Etsy hasn't produced anything so I might as well try another route. I went for black background with different coloured buttons which I could include with any bags I sell and match the card to the colour of the bags.