Wednesday, 31 October 2007


It's 31 October, the deadline for me to have sorted the clutter in my dining room and make it re-usable again, and as you can see I made it with a few hours to spare. There are still some things in the room which I just can't find anywhere else for so they will have to stay there for now but at least the room is once again usable. I need to re-decorate as I'm not sure about the red and also fix up two more blinds on the narrow windows in the bay, and I also need to start work on the spare bedroom as some of the stuff from the dining room has ended up in that room. Verdict on the de-cluttering process? It was good to have a clutter buddy who I felt I couldn't let down, so thank you Grace and I hope your de-cluttering is going to work out OK, and also encouragement from Angharad and some of my friends, who have been watching and commenting on my progress. Thanks for your support everyone and I hope you are impressed!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


OK Grace, now I'm feeling really smug! How's this for progress. I've thrown lots of stuff out, put all the chairs I am in the middle of restoring up in the loft, and left loads of things outside the front of the house with notes on for people to take if they want them (and they all went within a matter of hours). There's still quite a bit to do but at last I can see the carpet. I'm now down to the hard core clutter and I've no idea how I am going to sort it out but whatever it is it has to happen by the end of the month. I think I'm on target how about you?