Thursday, 27 September 2007

The time has come ...

I have to unglue myself from Flickr and all the other distractions and sort this room out. I'm turning into a bag lady, hoarding rubbish. I don't understand why I do it. The parts of my house that I actually use are completely clutter free, verging on minimalist (you can see a pic of my living room elsewhere on this Blog as proof of this). But now, with the help of my Flickr friend Grace I am going to get this sorted. We are now "Clutter Buddies" and will be supporting and encouraging each other in our endeavours to clear the clutter from our homes and lives. OK Grace, here we go... this is the awfulness I have to deal with. I'll try really hard not to just move it to the other room that is like this... ahhhh, I might not have mentioned that... there is actually another room (a bedroom), possibly even worse than this, that I have to sort. It's not much use as a guest bedroom as there's currently no room for a bed as you can see!

My deadline for sorting the dining room out is the end of October... that's October 2007! I'll post some follow-up shots to record progress and will be checking out Grace's progress on her de-cluttering and reporting back on that too. Wish me luck... slap my wrists... tell me I'm not the only one who does this... send me words of encouragement!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Yo Yo

I'm finding my new yo yo very therapeutic and I'm particularly enjoying hooking up with J to learn all those new moves