Sunday, 29 April 2007

Red hair

Red head

I've never really played around with my photos in order to create new images. I'm not sure why this is. On the whole my preference is for what you might call "straightforward" photos rather than the more elaborate fantasy-type images, and yet a number of my contacts on Flickr create these types of image and there are many that I really like. I have no doubt that viewing these images and thinking about why I like them has really helped to wider my horizons and stimulate creativity and for this I am very grateful. I have therefore decided that I will occasionally play around with some of my photos to see what sort of new images I can create and how far I can take this as I think this will help to make me more creative in the widest sense. This is quite a simple starting shot. I tried it with various hair colours and may play around some more with these to see how I might put them together, but for now this is me in my hippy days with red hair.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Iris Reticulata, originally uploaded by Red Snapper9.

All my favourite flowers are spring flowers and I especially love those with complex and trumpet like blooms like this amazing Iris. Only nature could produce something so exquisite. I really could just sit and look at this for hours and marvel at its beauty, and whatever else that may be happening in my life this will always bring me joy.