Wednesday, 14 March 2007

My desk at home

My desk, originally uploaded by Red Snapper9.

I got my new work laptop today. Great to get a new toy but nightmare getting all those files and emails transferred over. Still not sure about this CD/DVD stuff. The new Dell only refers to a DVD drive but it's not clear if I can use this for CDs as well or if these are one more thing in the list of techie stuff that is on the path to obsolescence. It's going to take me forever to transfer the files and this made me think about how long I must spend sitting in front of either my personal or work computers. It's easy to say "too long" but I think this is rather a glib response. I certainly don't think all those people who want my help to solve a computer-related problem would agree. I have, in other words, picked up a considerable amount of knowledge and experience of one sort or another from sitting here at my laptop and perhaps, most important of all, I have met some really nice people who have become real friends.


Joker The Lurcher said...

i spend hours playing on my mac and on my work laptop - often setting up things that are supposed to be time-saving but which probably aren't. i love it though!

Red Snapper9 said...

I think it's interesting the number of people I come across who say they spend "too much time on the computer" when in reality we live in a computer age and half of our lives revolve around the tasks and time that computers save us - enabling us to go out and take more photos and come back to the computer and do more editing and posting ... ha ha!!!

Seriously though, I think that nowadays the time we spend on the computer is much more likely to be quality time which enhances our lives and network of contacts. Nice to hear from you Joker!!! Spike says woof!

. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

So here is where art comes to life!!!

Is that a baby in the photo? :-) very fragile detail, sweet! looks like peeking!

Red Snapper9 said...

Who's that??? Yes it's my niece's little boy. He is an absolute darling and I keep his photo on my desk to make me smile at his sweet little face. You can see lots of the bits and pieces of my life on this desk - it's where I spend lots of time thinking and reflecting.