Monday, 21 September 2015

Another trip to San Francisco ... now I've discovered the Marriott Waterfront hotel I find I get quite sad when I have to leave. I've been fortunate to get a room overlooking the bay every time I've stayed here and the early morning views as the sun rises are wonderful. The light changes so much every day and throughout the day. I don't think I'll ever tire of staying here. It makes me long to live by the sea... something I can't see me ever being able to achieve, but I'll still hold onto the dream of maybe one day.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Meet the lovely Effie. Her previous owner had left her tied up outside from just 2 months old. She'd had to survive outside all over the winter, but was eventually handed over to the owner's neighbour who signed her over to SLR (Southern Lurcher Rescue). I volunteered to foster her and she came to stay with me and my dogs until a new home was found.

It wasn't long before there was some good news. I had recently done a home check for Katie here in Reading who was interested in my previous foster, Dottie, but she was already set to go to another home. I contacted Katie to tell her I was fostering a new young bitch and arranged to take Effie to see her and her husband. She was very happy to meet them and very gentle with their very elderly greyhound, Ben. After doing a sleep-over with them a week later they fell in love with her and she is going to live with them on 9 September, when Katie is back from her adventure holiday in Columbia.

Effie is such a sweet-natured little girl. Despite her harsh start in life she is a happy, friendly and loving girl. She is loving playing with Alice but I have to restrict them as much as I can so that she doesn't learn to play too rough and end up knocking Ben over - he's very frail. She deserves to have a loving home where she can play and explore and be fussed over. She's going to make them very happy and be much-loved. I'll miss her lots but the sadness at having to say goodbye will be tempered by knowing how happy she will be... and hopefully I'll get to see her again for walks before too long.

Hugs and kisses sweet little Effie!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sad time

Chris's brother, Steve, died yesterday. Four months after being diagnosed with liver cancer. It's a sad time.