Monday, 26 March 2007

Sally Clark 1965-2007

I was away for the weekend in Somerset when the news of Sally Clark's death was announced. She was found dead at her home in the morning having passed away during the night. The terrible experiences this woman had to go through with the loss of her two children was so awful, and then to be accused of their murder and have to spend 3 years in prison. It's impossible to imagine what it must have been like for her and from all reports she never fully recovered from the awful miscarriage of justice she suffered. The news of her death really affected me and reading again her statement when her conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal is one of the saddest things.


Kathleen said...

Oh my, Christine, this case is terrible!! I just can't imagine anyone suspecting a mother of this! (not unless they were certifiably insane, that is) To top it off, one of my mother's good friends is called Sally Clark.

Did you know her at all? And now her death is premature. Oh, this must be SO hard on her husband and son. I can certainly see why this has affected you like it has.

I hope that you can find a lighter spirit again soon.
Bless you.

Red Snapper9 said...

Hi Kathleen, I didn't know her but it was one of those news stories that ran and ran: first the arrest and charge,then the trial and being found guilty. Then a few years later the Doctor who was the key witness in this and other trials of women accused of killing their children, was struck off and his evidence in these trials called into question. It was a terrible miscarriage of justice and something this poor women never recovered from. I felt I wanted to post this item as a reminder of what had happened to a number of women as a result of this Doctor's evidence and in memory of Sally Clark and all that she suffered as a consequence.

Joker The Lurcher said...

i read a lot about sally clark's case as it was covered in the legal press (she was a lawyer) - it is so utterly awful to imagine how you would feel to be wrongly accused of killing your child. it must have been so hard for her to carry on getting up in the morning.