Sunday, 26 July 2015


Dottie came to stay on 5 July. She is the sweetest-natured little girl I've ever had. She was saved by a couple in Finchampstead when they heard that the RSPCA were going to have her put to sleep. SLR stepped in and I offered to foster her. Unfortunately a week later, on the 11th, she came into season  just before she was due to go in for spaying. This is my first time with a bitch in season and it's not been easy. She's goading Comet all the time and he keeps mounting her so it's been a case of watching them all the time and quite often having to keep them confined to different spaces. Although Comet has been neutered I still have the awful worry in the back of my mind that something might have gone wrong and Dottie will end up being pregnant. Alice has suddenly decided she hates her and runs away from her with her with her tail between her legs. I wonder if it's because she is in season.... I'll have to look online to see if this could be the problem.

She's due to meet her potential new family tomorrow, Monday 27 July. I will miss her lots as she is so affectionate, but this family with two young children sound ideal for this happy, gentle, fun-loving little girl.

Good luck Dottie!!!

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