Saturday, 12 May 2007


This image hit me directly I saw it posted on Ditch the Kitch's photostream - you can see the original photo here. The light and textures are wonderful and I couldn't resist seeing if I could draw something that would do it justice. Denis is a constant inspiration to me for the way in which he pushes the boundaries and creates wonderfully vibrant and intense images. He is warm, sweet and adorable, and I love the alchemy he works!


. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

I am affraid the first comment I left here is lost somewhere in cyberspace!

I have no words to answer to your comment on this magnificent drawing.
Now this image hits be back every time I see it. It is just me, but when I think of the graphite, time and talent invested on this amazing piece of art I get all messed up I have to try to appreciate it from different points of view...but it is still me!! I can see myself through your drawing. I guess that means a lot!.

I am very glad I´ve found tender, precious people to me.
and thanks again!!! besos!

Red Snapper9 said...

Dear Denis
It was your wonderful photo that inspired me to want to do this drawing. I really enjoyed doing it and hope that I captured just some of your vitality and beauty. I am so happy that you like it and that it brought you such pleasure. Perhaps one day I will send you the original to keep ;-)

Kathleen said...

I just thought I'd come for a visit to your blog tonight, Christine, and to my amazement here was a another drawing, and one which you didn't post on Flickr! It is really well done, and I'm sure you would have had MANY positive comments, but I guess I can see why you didn't. It is a little bit provacative, you know . . . but ever so well done. I hope you are beginning to recognize that your artwork is, in fact, quite good!!
Love, K

Joker The Lurcher said...

this is fabulous! do you exhibit your drawings anywhere?

mrana said...

Wow Christine, this is gorgeous! So beautifully done! Why isn't it up on Flickr?

Red Snapper9 said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I don't really want to put all my drawings on Flickr as some are rather personal, like this one. You are very kind with your comments and it's great to have such encouragement from you

. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

Now ... it is in Flickr!!! :)
Arent we all happy about that? I am!
Again, thanks. I do like it!! hihi I am happy you decided to share it because it is really good.