Sunday, 29 April 2007

Red hair

Red head

I've never really played around with my photos in order to create new images. I'm not sure why this is. On the whole my preference is for what you might call "straightforward" photos rather than the more elaborate fantasy-type images, and yet a number of my contacts on Flickr create these types of image and there are many that I really like. I have no doubt that viewing these images and thinking about why I like them has really helped to wider my horizons and stimulate creativity and for this I am very grateful. I have therefore decided that I will occasionally play around with some of my photos to see what sort of new images I can create and how far I can take this as I think this will help to make me more creative in the widest sense. This is quite a simple starting shot. I tried it with various hair colours and may play around some more with these to see how I might put them together, but for now this is me in my hippy days with red hair.


Joker The Lurcher said...

i like this - i really enjoy using photoshop, even for scanne din film shots. i know the purists don't agree but i think every creative tool we have we should use. life is changing at such a pace with all the new things we can do and i think many people reject the new stuff from fear rather than from aesthetic principles. keep up the good work!

Red Snapper9 said...

Many thanks for your encouragement Joker. I couldn't agree more. We should applaud the creativity of those who can use modern technology to create innovative and challenging images. Thanks again!!!

Kathleen said...

Creativity is good! I like to see the original and the new images together for comparison. This one is fun, and there are lots of things you could try. It's probably a good thing I don't have photoshop at home or I might spend way too long doodling around with it!

. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

I like this photo!
Lots of stories to tell I am sure!!!
I always think about this, we can create and photograph and draw...I guess it doesnt matter what medium you choose as long as you convey your message. I use photoshop a lot you know. I took at as part of the process of creating my ways to deliver a message. It takes extra time and efford that I decided to afford some time ago, monumental task but I like it a lot.
I guess the challenge is then to have the eye and recognize which image should be left unedited, remain virgen let's say ;)
For me, each artist should use what he thinks is compatible with his art and way of saying whatever he says.
This photo is good. Thanks for sharing with us all. besos!