Saturday, 29 March 2014


Another interesting walk with the dogs today. I'm getting the hang of the lead jerking, especially as I'm doing it with Daisy on one side and Alice on the other - both of them want to be in front - it's a bit like driving a dog sled!

It's fascinating to now see what I hadn't been aware of before about Comet's behaviour and how he and Alice interact when they are off the lead. These videos show it really well.

The pattern is:

  • Daisy wants to be chased so starts running
  • Alice sees the movement and starts chasing her
  • Comet doesn't respond to Daisy but when he sees Alice go he chases her
  • Daisy keeps running but Comet stops Alice and they bounce around each other with Comet nipping Alice until she gives in
  • the final move is Alice stops bouncing, Comet waits a second and then walks off, over to Daisy, or to me, or just to sniff the grass, while Alice stands and waits a moment before moving off. 
Comet sees the signal that Alice has submitted but I can't see it, not yet anyway .... fascinating!!!

Started trying the "find it" with Alice. She's not sure yet, but has started to look around when I say "find it". She knows there's a treat coming but not sure what she needs to do to get it, so she tries sitting and lying down until I persuade her by doing lots of encouraging pointing and saying "find it".

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