Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sloe Gin

I've been meaning to try making sloe gin for ages and this year I finally got round to it. The demijohn was half filled with Tanqueray gin (only the best!) then topped up with sloes and sugar and then left for weeks and shaken around every few days. We cracked it open on Friday night for a pre-Christmas taster and all ended up very merry... it was great, sweet because of the sugar but with a sharp tang from the sloes, and the colour was wonderful. Final verdict is don't bother coming round for a taster... it's not going to last that long!!!

Cheeeeers, and cherry mistmas!!!!


. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

(and such a perfect descrition of how you got this quality ! )
Amazing light !! This shot needs to be seen!!

. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

The light is something beyond belief here! Love it!!!! the detail in the middle!

redsnapper said...

Thank you Denis! I really like setting these shots up, like we spoke about the other day, there is always something to learn in the process of trying to create a special type of still life image. I am so pleased that you like this shot. I think I might put it on Flickr after all.

. Oº°‘¨ ๔єภเร ¨‘°ºO said...

Oh yes!! definitely!!
:) You did create a special image!

Anonymous said...

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